Full face mask MAG-4 – Secura

Full face mask MAG-4 (silicone facepiece) complete with suitable filtering devices is designed to protect the respiratory system and face against harmful substances in the form of vapors, gases, dust, fumes, and mists. The mask is available in single, universal size and is characterized by low breathing resistance and long shelf life.

Mask features:

  • Optimal communication, thanks to a specialized phonic membrane.
  • Polycarbonate visor that ensures a wide view angle.
  • Fast and reliable filter mounting using the standardized Rd 40 x 1/7 thread according to the standard EN 148-1:1999.
  • The masks are made of high-strength plastics,  silicone resistant to harmful substances and adverse weather conditions.
  • Masks are effective in all climate zones, at an ambient temperature ranging from -40°C to + 40°C and relative humidity up to 98%.
  • The inner half-mask prevents fogging and reduces carbon dioxide content inside the mask.
  • Thanks to the double facepiece seal, the mak can comfortably adapt to users with different facial features.
  • Self-tightening buckles of the 5-point head harness it easy to adjust the mask and securely fasten it to the user’s head.
  • The mask conforms to European Standard EN 136:1998 + AC:2003 (class 2).