TeleSky Multipurpose Folding Ladders – Cagsan Merdiven

CK250 – 3 Step TeleSky Multipurpose Folding Ladders

Thanks to its functional hinge, TeleSky Multipurpose Folding ladders, can be used in various positions. The most important feature of the ladder is to be used on two different leveled floors such as stairs.

TeleSky Multipurpose Folding Ladder can be used either indoor or outdoor. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It can be transported in small vehicles since it does not take up much space when closed.

All of our Telesky Multipurpose Folding Ladders in all lengths have TÜV-SÜD EN 131-4 standard quality certificates.


A (m.) B (m.) C (m.) (kg.) (WxLxH/cm.)
CK250 3×4 2,48 m. 0,93 m. 1,20 m. 11,5 66x100x21
CK360 4×4 3,60 m. 1,20 m. 1,73 m. 13,2 78x128x21
CK470 5×4 4,72 m. 1,46 m. 2,26 m. 16,8 86x156x21