Cagsan – Multipurpose Scaffolding Systems

Step Multipurpose Scaffolding Systems

Multipurpose Aluminium Scaffolding-Ladders have the opportunity to be used in different ways. They can be used as separate two ladders by removing the platform. These ladders can be used as single part ladder, double part extension ladder, and A-type ladder.

The height of the platform can be changed by fixing the platform on the required rung. Also thanks to the adjustable extension ladder parts, the height of the platform can be raised.

Toeboards which are fixed to the platform prevent the equipments to fall down while working. It has light, strong, safe and long life-span design.





A (m.)  A1 (m.)  C (m.)  B (m.) B1 (m.) B2 (m.) (kg.) (W.xL.xH./cm.)
PL003 2×8 2,46 4,14  2,79  4,59  2,82  4,41 66 59x246x38

Platform Size: 155 x 45 cm.

Technical Details
– Beam Dimensions: 75×25 mm.
– Square Rung Profile: 30×30 mm.
– Maximum Load Capacity: 150 Kg.