Work Overshoes

Gaston Mille Millenium Premium® overshoes are just what you have been searching for. They are the perfect visitor’s overshoe. In fact, they are the only visitor’s overshoe worth pursuing for your trusted and important clients to wear on a tour of your premises. They are made from a waterproof thermoplastic polyurethane material and feature a 240 J composite fiberglass toe-cap, a protective tongue and an anti-slip half-sole. Gaston Mille Millenium Premium shoes are reusable by different visitors, as they have no direct contact with the foot itself; they simply and efficiently go over your clients’ everyday footwear using a flexible and interchangeable rubber strap. The material is washable and purified.

Gaston Mille Millenium Premium is available in a kit form comprising five pairs of overshoes covering the sizes F5 to 13 — one small (F5-6), two medium (7-10) and two large (11-13), or you can have five pairs of the same size if required. Easy right and left foot markings have colour-coded symbols on the sole for simple, quick and effective distribution of the correct size, making these shoes ideal for industrial settings, large warehouses and logistical operations — any situation where you have to show around your important visitors and clients, while abiding by your health and safety standards.
Now available with a metal-free protection safety toe-cap, Millenium Premium does not interfere with metal detectors. You could say they are the ultimate safety overshoes!