Secura – Viso ARC Flash Protective Shield


Face shield protects against the mechanical and
thermal hazards of electric arc flash in installations with voltage up to 1000 V AC.
Designed for use in live working on electrical
installations and equipment with voltage up to
1000 V AC.
Made in accordance with the standards EN 166
and GS-ET-29, class 1 (“Face shields for electrical

Protects against thermal hazards caused by an electric arc flash with a designated protection
level 8-1-0 (class 1, Open-Box test, light transmission factor – Visible Light Transmittance –
VLT> 75%).


  • It has a transparent, replaceable polycarbonate visor.
  • The head gear protects the forehead and front of the head.
  • Designed for continuous use, provides an optimal view – optical class 1.
  • Face shield has a comfortable, customizable head gear by a step locking system in the range of 53 cm to 63 cm and a six-level adjustment of the height of the headrest.
  • Resistant to medium-energy impacts, corresponding to a steel ball impact of 0.86 g, at a speed of 120 m/s.
  • Resistant to UV radiation with protection and designation level of 2C-1,2:
    2C – ultraviolet protection filter for better colour recognition
    1,2 – shade level
  • Protects against splashes and drops of liquids.
  • Face shield visor dimensions 20 cm x 39 cm x 0.2 cm (height x width x thickness)
  • Weight – 400 g
  • EN 166:2001 & EN 170:2002
  • CE 1883