• Allows workers freedom of movement along a horizontal axis while providing a hands-free fall protection.
• The shock absorber is located at the beginning and end of the system. This way the load from the main anchorage willbe reduced to a minimum after a fall.
• The maximum distance between two anchor points is 25 meters.
• The system is designed for 8 people to work at the same time.
• Shock absorber has an indicator system which acts as a post-fall deformation.
• The whole system does not need to be changed after a fall, only the intermediate anchors need to be replaced byloosening the system.
• No special equipment is required for installation. As it can be done by our expert installation team, users can also installthemselves with a proper training provided by the manufacturer.
• Special anchor plate design is made according to the area to be mounted.
• System components are made of 316 grade stainless steel.

Length : From 5 mt to desired length
Standard: EN 795:2012 Tip C, CEN TS 16415:2013 Type C

System Components

• ANB-100A Main anchorage bracket

• ARB-100A Intermediate anchorage bracket

• EA-200A Shock absorber

• LL-200A Wire rope

• IND-100 Tension Indicator