The corso push and manually operated geared trolleys can be quickly and easily assembled onto a steel beam, with both a straight and sloping flange, creating a reliable anchor point for lifting equipment such as tirfor®, bravo, tralift, minifor and tralift TT.

It is possible to manually adjust the opening, so the trolley can be easily positioned and adjusted
to the most frequently used profiles.

•    Push and geared WLL from 250kg to 20t
•    For beam widths from 45 – 320 mm depending on capacity
•    Handle included for quick and easy adjustment of the hanger bar to suit the beam size
•    Folded steel end stops which also act as anti-drop bars and anti-tilt devices welded onto side plates
•    Hanger bar preventing from rotating by tightening a grub screw
•    Steel wheels with ball bearings