TeleSafe XL Double Part Scaffoldings

S004 XL – 8 Step TeleSafe XL Double Part Scaffoldings

TeleSafe XL
double part aluminum scaffolding have a wider structure than the TeleSafe models. Extra horizontal braces and toeboard provided as a standard.

TeleSafe double part aluminum scaffolding, easily adjustable in size with special joint system, safe, lightweight, easy to disassemble and can be used in the multi-area service. The scaffolding built on the solid aluminum construction and reinforced with steel support legs.

Diagonal and horizontal braces made of iron tubes and connects the main ladder of the scaffolding to each other. Thanks to the new developed Q-Lock locking system, installation is very fast and safe. Platform height and scaffolding height can be adjusted every 28 cm thanks to the rope and pulley system. The handrails with a height of 100 cm provide a safe environment for the working staff.

Upon request the toeboard can be provided by our company as an optional. You can find the installation scheme and the manual for the products at the link below.


Code Rungs A (m.) A1 (m.) C (m.) B (m.) * D (cm.) ** (kg.) Platform Size (cm.) E (W.xL.xH./cm.) F (W.xL.xH./cm.)
S004 XL 2×8 2,50 3,90 2,75 4,55 125-215×210  102 155×60 75x225x38 39x122x46
S005 XL 2×10 3,05 4,95 3,83 5,63 125-215×210  111 155×60 75x280x38 39x122x46
S006 XL 2×11 3,34 5,54 4,42 6,22 125-215×210  115 155×60 75x310x38 39x122x46
S007 XL 2×13 3,87 6,35 5,23 7,00 145-235×210  134 155×60 75x360x38 39x148x46
S008 XL 2×15 4,41 7,17 6,05 7,85 145-235×215  162 155×60 75x415x45 39x154x46