Aluminum scaffolding Pro Tube

ProTUBE L Professional Scaffolding Systems are made up of modules so it can be set to any height and the platform’s working height can also be adjusted according to working height. Thanks to the aluminium structure, its assembly is very easy and the scaffolding system is actually very light. This product of Çağsan is safe, modular and durable up to 10 meters. When you consider all oft hese properties, Cağsan’s new scaffolding system is serving very economic solution for professional users. It can be set quickly in a modular way because of its practical assemble parts. Side openings create a larger base plate so there is a sofer environment to work with. Toe boards which are fixed to the platform prevent the equipments to fall down while working.


Code Maximum Platform Height (m.) Working Height* (m.) Size of Base (cm.) Weight (kg.)
ProTUBE L4 2,3 4,1 256×136 133
ProTUBE L6 4,4 6,2 256×136 – 400×500 177
ProTUBE L8 6,5 8,3 256×136 – 400×500 279
ProTUBE L10 8,0 9,8 256×136 – 400×500 302
ProTUBE L12 10,7 12,5 256×136 – 400×500 410
ProTUBE L14 12,2 14,0 256×136 – 400×500 432